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“Be Better” color grunge


“Be Better” Be Brave color grunge Scott D. Henry T-Shirt On Heather Grey T-Shirt

“Be Better” color grunge Hoodie


“Be Better” On Charcoal Grey Hoodie Upgrade your sports and outdoor clothing collection with the Scott D. Henry Be Better “color grunge” grey hoodie. Comfortable Material: Made with high-quality cotton material, this hoodie offers a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Trendy Design: The custom design and color grunge pattern make this hoodie a stylish addition […]



“Bagpiping” Scott D. Henry’s take on bagpiping

Be Better Dog Tags


Scott D. Henry’s infamous tag line “Be Better” memorialized on dog tags.

Be Better splash Zip-Up


Scott D. Henry’s iconic Tag Line “Be Better” on this exclusive logo zip-up hoodie. this zip-up is available in Scott’s Favorite blue.

Be Better x3


“Be Better” – Scott’s handwriting Be Better x3 T-Shirt

Brave Bot


“You’re so brave…” Scott Bot T-Shirt “Thank you for sharing”

Brave Emoji


“You’re so brave…” Brave Emoji T-Shirt “Thank you for sharing”

Brave Thumbs


“You’re so brave…” “Thank you for sharing” Brave Thumbs Scott D. Henry T-Shirt



Scott D. Henry’s take on Denim Surfing



“Soaking” Scott D. Henrys take of the term “Soaking” in all its glory!