Our Custom Shops

About Coastal Chaos Customs

At Coastal Chaos Customs, we’re more than just a printing company. Founded by a team of dedicated volunteer fire department members, our passion for service and creativity comes together to offer you high-quality custom apparel that not only looks fantastic but also supports our local heroes and community.

Our Mission

At Coastal Chaos Customs, we are a vehicle for positive change. A significant portion of our proceeds goes back into our community. We proudly support our local fire departments, the very heart of our organization, as well as various other local charities and organizations.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Meets Compassion.

Design Excellence: Our talented team ensures that your apparel is not only comfortable but also showcases your style and personality.

¬†Join us in making a difference, one T-shirt, hoodie, sign or any other item at a time. Together, we’re clothing the community and supporting our local heroes.